Relaxing on the beach

Südstrand, Eckernförde

Normally I travel pretty far for celebrating my birthday and this year I planned to be in Moldova – but because of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic travel restrictions applied and social distancing became a pure necessity. At least I wanted to get away from home and decided to wake up at the sea, the Baltic Sea to be precise. Therefore, I booked a cube at the southern beach of Eckernförde near Kiel, Germany.

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Dead Sea, Israel/Palestine

The Dead Sea is a lake 400 m below sea level – the lowest point of the world. It is kind of a different climate zone and as everybody has heard of – it has very special water conditions. The lake has a very high salinity (28-33 %) and the bottom seems to consist of pure salt. The water is brought in by river Jordan and there is no outflow; the water simply evaporates here.

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Copacabana & Ipanema

Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro

A lot of songs have been sung about these two beaches in the Zona Sul de Rio de Janeiro, both only divided by the Forte do Copacabana. Remember The Girl from Ipanema? The areas are in the rich south of Rio and are touristic zones secured by the police. If you don’t have your hotel here (might be better, cause the prices in the area are a bad joke) – the metro is running all along Copacabana and for Ipanema you can go to the terminus General Orsório.

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A visit to the shore

Rockaway Beach, New York

Tired of the big city? Take the A train to Rockaway beach! You can enjoy a long metro ride through Queens and afterwards walk along the sandy beach. There are no typical beach facilities (as one would expect back home) and I was quite irritated by the standardized homes along the way but there is nothing like a cool summer breeze close to the ocean.

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