Campus suite

Campus suite, Kiel

For seven years of my life I was working in different positions for the Studentenwerk in my hometown – an organisation providing social, financial and cultural support services to students. It is partially state funded, students pay a fee every half year and the organization is only dedicated to assist students and provide them with room to live in, food and drinks at the campus and many more necessary things. I really believe that such an organization is necessary and should be supported. Continue reading “Campus suite”

Seals and stars

Aquarium Geomar, Kiel

The GEOMAR Helmholtz-Zentrum für Ozeanforschung is a research facility located in Kiel, Germany – they work on topics concerning the biological, physical and chemical dynamics of the ocean. You’ll come across this scientific organization located at the Kieler Förde mostly because of the publicly accessible basins containing five cute seals that attract a lot of spectators. Continue reading “Seals and stars”