Coney Island

Coney Island, New York

In need of some fresh air, sea water and sand? Coney Island (the name is derived from the Dutch original name, meaning “rabbit island”) was once really an island in the far south of Brooklyn. In 1940 the passage between this island and the mainland was filled up. Today lots of people come here to relax at the shore.

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Relaxing at the Princes Islands

Princes Islands, Istanbul

What to do on your birthday when you’re in Istanbul? I decided to spend a relaxing day at Adalar, or better said the Prens Adaları (Princes Islands) – a group of islands located 10 kilometers away from the city at the sea of Marmara (coming from the word marble). It is a place to which the inhabitants of Istanbul go if they want to flee from the city to find some relaxation.

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