Relaxing at the Princes Islands

What to do on your birthday when you’re in Istanbul? I decided to spend a relaxing day at Adalar, or better said the Prens Adaları (Princes Islands) – a group of islands located 10 kilometers away from the city at the sea of Marmara (coming from the word marble). It is a place to which the inhabitants of Istanbul go if they want to flee from the city to find some relaxation.

Many ships go to the islands and you can catch one at many harbours. Take a boat from Haydarpaşa Gari – this gives you the chance to visit the huge German railway station directly at the Bosporus. But you shouldn’t expect to much, Adalar isn’t too beautiful, there are many gated villas or beach clubs you can’t enter. After walking a lot I found a beach open to the public.

They played Turkish music, the place looked like a Disneyland that should be renovated – but it was fun! Lying on a sunlounger and reading a book it was unnecessary to move, because a friendly guy was passing frequently and offering beer (Efes) and food. I payed for this nice day with the worst sunburn I ever had.

Prens Adaları, Adalar
Istanbul, Turkey

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