İstanbul Havalimanı

İstanbul Havalimanı, Turkey

It is the new, vast and shiny airport of Turkeys capital city: the İstanbul Havalimanı. It replaced the old Atatürk International Airport in April 2019 and has three terminals and four runways. The airport is modern, beautiful and flights often arrive after a nice loop over Karadeniz. Disadvantages are that the airport is very large so that you’ll have to walk very long distances and that it is much further away from the city centre than the old one.

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Birthday at the Prince Islands

Sultan Ahmet Parkı, Istanbul

In the year 2013 I was searching for a place to spend my birthday abroad. Istanbul, Turkey came into my mind because I’ve never been there, it was easy and cheap to reach, full of history and also the only city on two continents (Europe and Asia). On the other hand – after booking – there were protests in the city center that were violently struck down by state authorities.

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Kariye Camii

Kariye Camii, Istanbul

The Kariye Camii in Istanbul, Turkey; also known as the Church of the Holy Saviour in Chora is the most remote sight I visited in the city. It was a recommendation of my hosts and it really was worth the detour to the northwest end of Fatih. It was once a Byzantine Christian church that was converted into a mosque and is now serving as a museum.

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Relaxing at the Princes Islands

Princes Islands, Istanbul

What to do on your birthday when you’re in Istanbul? I decided to spend a relaxing day at Adalar, or better said the Prens Adaları (Princes Islands) – a group of islands located 10 kilometers away from the city at the sea of Marmara (coming from the word marble). It is a place to which the inhabitants of Istanbul go if they want to flee from the city to find some relaxation.

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İstanbul Modern

Looking for some modern art in Istanbul, Turkey? There is one location you cannot ommit – in Beyoğlu, one of the city parts on the European side, you’ll find the İstanbul Modern. Close to the place where cruise ships are anchoring in Istanbul a new museum has opened in 2004. In a building looking like a warehouse modern art is presented on 8.000 square meters.

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Suicidal tendencies

Bosporus bridge, Istanbul

The Bosporus bridge in Istanbul, Turkey must be a very beautiful view point. It is located high above the Bosporus and connecting the European with the Asian part of the city. From there you’re having a fantastic look on the Golden Horn, Galata and Sultanahmet. Within the pillars of the bridge there are elevators to get to the top, especially from Ortaköy this would be a good visit.

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Kız Kulesi

Kız Kulesi, Istanbul

The Maiden’s tower (Kız Kulesi) is a lighthouse at the Bosporus in Istanbul, Turkey. It is located on a very small island 180 meters away from the Asian side, close to Üsküdar. It dates back to the 18th century and has served for different purposes over time. Today you can go by boat to the tower and within it there is also a restaurant and a coffee bar.

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Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia, Istanbul

The Ayasofya Camii (also: Hagia Sophia, meaning “Holy Wisdom”) is a very well known mosque and former Christian church in Istanbul, Turkey. Today it is serving as a museum. It is still in restauration phase but the vast domes are impressive and it is very interesting to see the differences between the religions in this building: the images of Christianity removed and replaced against words.

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Cooling down

Cisterna Basilica, Istanbul

When it’s hot in Istanbul, Turkey there aren’t too many places to go to. The Yerebatan Sarnıcı or Basilica Cistern is one of those. Located close to the Ayasofya and the Blue Mosque the sunken palace offers a good refreshment. It dates back to the year 532 and the pillars of the cistern are today illuminated in different colours reflecting on the water.

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