Atatürk International Airport (IST)

I visited the Atatürk Airport in Istanbul, Turkey several times – mostly to catch a connecting flight. It isn’t a pretty airport, but an important hub and the biggest airport in Turkey. It is the home base of one of my favorite airlines – Turkish – and moves 20 million passengers a year. But in fact its days are already counted: a new airport is being build right now and will be opened in 2017.

And that is okay – the current airport dates back to the year 1912 and isn’t sufficient anymore. It is connected to the metro network of Istanbul but most passengers take a taxi and have with this their first important experience: after taking a taxi to the city center you’re sure that you don’t want to drive here on your own. Unnecessary knowledge: the Atatürk airport was one of the locations used in From Russia with Love (1963).

Yesilköy, 34149
Istanbul, Turkey

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