İstanbul Havalimanı

It is the new, vast and shiny airport of Turkeys capital city: the İstanbul Havalimanı. It replaced the old Atatürk International Airport in April 2019 and has three terminals and four runways. The airport is modern, beautiful and flights often arrive after a nice loop over Karadeniz. Disadvantages are that the airport is very large so that you’ll have to walk very long distances and that it is much further away from the city centre than the old one.

Currently, you can get to the airport by taxi and bus. But metro lines and train connections are under construction. I just came here to get a connecting flight which was absolutely no problem. I was just a little bit sorry that I didn’t have time to take a closer look at the airport and do some shopping – I really needed the time I had to get to the gate of my connecting flight.

İstanbul Havalimanı
Terminal Caddesi 1
34283 Arnavutköy

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