Aeropuerto Internacional Augusto C. Sandino

Aeropuerto Internacional Augusto C. Sandino, Managua

The airport of Managua, Nicaragua, is a rather small one: it has only one runway and six gates, but it transports more than a million passengers every year. The Aeropuerto Internacional Augusto César Sandino (MGA) is the only international airport of the country and located next to the Panamericana, 11 kilometers afar of the capital city. Most flights are operated by Copa Airlines from Panama, but there are also connections with Aeroméxico, with the three largest airlines of the USA (Delta, American, United) and you can go to La Habana and Caracas.

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Aeropuerto Internacional de la Ciudad de México

Aeropuerto Internacional de la Ciudad de México

The international airport of Ciudad de México (MEX) is named after Mexican president Benito Juárez and has one specialty: it is very close to the city and only 6.5 kilometers afar from the Zócalo. The airport was opened in 1931, has two runways and two terminals (terminal 1 is for international flights, terminal 2 for domestic and local flights). If you have tickets for a connecting flight you can change between both terminals using a train that is running around the airport.

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Lentoasema, Helsinki

The airport of Helsinki (HEL) is located 18 kilometers north of the city center at a region called Vantaa. It was opened in 1951 for the Olympic summer games and has today three runways transporting more than 4 million passengers a year. Next to the two terminals you can find a large amount of parking lots and the typical car rental companies.

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Zračna luka

Zračna luka, Dubrovnik

The airport of Dubrovnik (DBV) is located in Čilipi, a small town 20 kilometers southeast of the ancient city. A taxi ride might cost you around 40 Euros, by bus it is only 11 Euros for a return ticket. The bus starts 30 minutes after flights arrive directly in front of the terminal. If you’re too slow you might miss it. It brings you to one of the old city gates or to the bus terminal in the harbor.

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Летище София

Летище, София

The airport of София (SOF) is the most important airport of Bulgaria and located in the east of the capital city. It was opened in 1935 and today more than 6 million passengers use it every year. SOF operates with one runway and two terminals; terminal 2 is the modern one. Between the two terminals a free shuttle bus operates which is important, as next to terminal 2 you’ll find the metro station which is the easiest way to reach the city center.

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Lárnaka International Airport

Larnaka International Airport, Λάρνακα

The island of Cyprus can be accessed via three airports: Lárnaka (LCA) and Paphos (PFO) in the Greek part of the country, Ercan (ECN) in the part occupied by Turkey (open only for flights from Turkey). The airport of the capital city Lefkosía (NIC) is closed since 1974 and can only be used by UN forces. The most important hub is LCA with around five million passengers per year.

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Rafic Hariri International Airport

Rafic Hariri International Airport, بيروت

The Rafic Hariri International Airport (BEY) at بيروت is the most important gateway to Lebanon. It is a smaller but well-working airport located 9 kilometres south of the city centre. The airport has just one terminal but three runways and was renovated in 2019 – the old terminal is still standing and looking like a ruin. The airport was named after former prime minister Rafic Hariri after he was assassinated in 2005. It is also the home base of Middle East Airlines (MEA) which is said to be a good airline with well-trained staff.

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İstanbul Havalimanı

İstanbul Havalimanı, Turkey

It is the new, vast and shiny airport of Turkeys capital city: the İstanbul Havalimanı. It replaced the old Atatürk International Airport in April 2019 and has three terminals and four runways. The airport is modern, beautiful and flights often arrive after a nice loop over Karadeniz. Disadvantages are that the airport is very large so that you’ll have to walk very long distances and that it is much further away from the city centre than the old one.

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Sheremetyevo International Airport, Москва́

The Sheremetyevo Alexander S. Pushkin International Airport (Междунаро́дный аэропо́рт Шереме́тьево, SVO) is the largest airport of Москва́ and Russia. It is named after the next small city (Sheremetyevo, which is linked with Russian aristocracy) and the nationally important poet Alexander Pushkin. It handles 40 million passengers every year. Шереме́тьево is the most important gateway to the capital city but also an important hub with many interconnecting flights.

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