Suicidal tendencies

The Bosporus bridge in Istanbul, Turkey must be a very beautiful view point. It is located high above the Bosporus and connecting the European with the Asian part of the city. From there you’re having a fantastic look on the Golden Horn, Galata and Sultanahmet. Within the pillars of the bridge there are elevators to get to the top, especially from Ortaköy this would be a good visit.

But too many people jumped from this bridge into death – and that is why it is closed for pedestrians (since 1977). You can only go by car or take a public bus. Even though there is meanwhile a metro line going underneath the Bosporus you should definitly go once in a while by bus to enjoy the panorama. The hanging bridge was opened in 1973 and when passing by car you have to pay a fee (only when going from Europe to Asia). Every year the intercontinental Istanbul marathon leads over this bridge.

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