Relaxing on the beach

Normally I travel pretty far for celebrating my birthday and this year I planned to be in Moldova – but because of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic travel restrictions applied and social distancing became a pure necessity. At least I wanted to get away from home and decided to wake up at the sea, the Baltic Sea to be precise. Therefore, I booked a cube at the southern beach of Eckernförde near Kiel, Germany.

It is like a stable and very spacious tent and within you find a real bed, some drinks and snacks. It is locked with a simple code lock and you don‘t need to bring anything. These cubes (provided and marketed by a company called Sleeperoo) are placed in special locations – like museums, spas, castles, alpaca meadows. Mine was located directly on the beach with only a few meters to the shore. And it was a really nice place to relax! On a sunny day, the area around might be crowded with many people. As it was raining a lot I had the beach just for me. Maybe that wasn‘t too bad as the cube is located next to the nudist beach (that is what FKK – ‘Freikörperkultur‘ means).

Toilets and showers can be found in containers 500 meters away and there is no electricity – it is really like camping (or glamping?). Just one km afar you can find the wonderful restaurant Treib-Gut, there is also a bakery (Bäckerei Steiskal) supplying you with breakfast. If you need more than that: in the city centre, you can find different shops even opening on Sundays, a lot of coffee bars and restaurants. If all goes wrong concerning the weather there is also a seawater indoor spa near the shore. To reach the Südstrand you’ll need to walk 30 minutes from Eckernförde station. If you need it you might catch a bus to Sandkrug – but it is a pleasant walk. Parking is possible just 50 meters from the cube; a parking ticket is provided.

Sleeperoo / Südstrand Eckernförde
Berliner Str. 156
24340 Eckernförde

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