Café Hemer

It is a little bit aside and a little bit hidden: the Café Hemer in the southern part of Göttingen, near the Leinekanal. And this little bit of remoteness makes the coffee bar a wonderful place with great coffee, delicious cake and most often a free table if you decide to just get there spontaneously.

Café Hemer, Göttingen
Café Hemer, Göttingen

The Café Hemer is next to the Felix-Klein-Gymnasium (FKG, a secondary school) and they produce great bread, rolls and cake in a wood-fired oven. Everything is high quality and that is something that you can really taste. They‘ve got a nice hidden terrace and there is also a small playground. A lovely place to relax! Additionally, you can buy the official coffee of the city here – the ‘Göttinger Nobel Bohne‘; fairly traded and organic, for sure.

Café Hemer / Göttinger Holzofenbäckerei
Böttingerstraße 21
37073 Göttingen

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