Kleiner Reinsbrunnen

Everybody in Göttingen, Germany, knows the Schillerwiesen – a long stretched park in the East of the city leading up the hill. Most people only know the lower section where people meet for picnics and barbecues, to do sports or play miniature golf. Some get a little bit higher and also see the Jérôme-Pavillion where you can also have your wedding ceremony. Not many people get further on to a more quiet part where you can see the Merkelstein (remembering the former mayor Georg Merkel) and the Kleiner Reinsbrunnen – a nice spring hidden in the forest.

The spring was used for a very long time to supply the city with water – it was framed first in 1568. Today it has the style of a grotto with a bronze woman at its center, arising from the water and holding a baby in her arms. Many tales are connected to the spring; it is said that you can see your unborn siblings in the water, women expected to see their future husbands and drinking the water in Easter nights should bring many children. At least it is a nice place and a good destination for a hike up the hill.

Kleiner Reinsbrunnen

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