The owls’ tower (or ‘Eulenturm‘) is a viewing platform on the Hainberg mountain of Göttingen, Germany. It can serve as a good target destination for a walk through Göttingen and it is special as most of the inhabitants of the city have been pretty close to it but haven’t seen it. When you’re at the upper end of the Schillerwiesen (a large recreational area in the East of the city) you just need to cross a road, pass the Kleiner Reinsbrunnen well and climb up the hill between two valleys (the ‘Lange Nacht‘ and the ‘Molkengrund‘) and you’ll immediately see the short tower.

The Eulenturm might be one of the shortest towers ever with a height of only 4 meters – it really is rather a viewing platform. It has been built in the 19th century when the Hainberg was redesigned to be a public garden for the inhabitants of Göttingen. It is built from sandstone and lime; the entrance – decorate with an owl – has been closed with masonry due to security reasons later. If you want to extend your walk to a real hike you can continue through the forests and discover different places – like the wonderful Bismarckturm (if you go to the South) or the Bismarckstein (if you turn to the North).


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