The restaurant Treib-Gut (flotsam) in Altenhof near Eckernförde, Germany, is a wonderful restaurant next to the Baltic Sea. It is located in a traditional house roofed with reed. Inside it is very cozy but it also has a nice terrace with good views on the sea. The service is good and in addition to the great fish and meat dishes, they also offer surprisingly good vegetarian options.

I enjoyed a delicious stack made of mushroom, beetroot and goat cheese and a mushroom burger with sweet potato fries. These are not only the necessary meat-free dishes you’ll have to offer as a restaurant today – they fit well to the concept of the restaurant and play in the same quality leagues as the fish and meat creations. For me the highlight was the raspberry cheesecake – I would have walked to the restaurant south of Eckernförde only for that. If you want to get there better reserve your table in advance – a plain e-mail is sufficient.

Restaurant Treib-Gut
Kiekut 1
24340 Altenhof

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