Mercado de San Miguel

Mercado de San Miguel, Madrid

If you’re in need of some tapas or a good glass of wine the Mercado de San Miguel at Madrid, Spain might be your favorite place. But you shouldn’t be afraid of masses of people in an ancient market hall. The building dates back to 1916 and already the design makes it worth to visit the place. Most people for sure come for the more than 30 vendors from which you can get small snacks of every kind and different drinks.

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Fass Concha Espina, Madrid

What Germans abroad seem to miss most is typical German bread. In Madrid, Spain that is no problem as someone decided to supply the German community with everything it needs and opened a German bakery, a German grocery and a restaurant with German food – the Fass. And they also organize ‘typical’ German beer parties for the Spanish to give them the Oktoberfest feeling.

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Casa, Bremen

A nice mediterranean restaurant and coffee bar in the perfect location: the Casa can be found at the northern entry to the Viertel, one of the best city quarters of Bremen, Germany with many bars and restaurants. They offer breakfast, tapas, pizza, pasta – but also salads, soups and vegetarian options. In addition to the seats inside you can also find some nice places outside around the restaurant.

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Königsalm, Nieste

It could be the Bavarian embassy in Hesse: the Königsalm at Nieste, Germany. Green meadows, good views onto the little town, two large alpine cabins with a large outdoor area. It is a place many hikers, bikers and cyclists get to. The friendly team serves Schweinsbraten, Grillhaxen, Leberkäse, Obatzter and Weißwürstchen to give you the feeling of being at Bavaria – but afterwards you need to do some sports to burn calories.

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La Sophia

La Sophia, München

The La Sophia is a family-friendly Italian restaurant in the city quarter Au of München, Germany. It is located between the river Isar and the Nockherberg and they serve the typical pizza and pasta dishes. At the restaurant you’ll find all you need for a relaxed visit with children – including a nice play area inside.

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Bismarckturm, Göttingen

Once there were 240 towers that were built to commemorate the imperial chancellor Otto von Bismarck. As Bismarck had studied in Göttingen, Germany for sure a tower was built here, too. It is 31 meters high and standing on the Kleperberg in the southeast of the city. In 1892 Bismarck gave his approval and in 1896 the tower was opened – you can still today climb up on weekends between 11am and 6pm.

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Chevy American Diner

Chevy American Diner, Kassel

A well-designed burger bar in US-American style at Kassel, Germany – with a Chevy above its front door. If you like burgers, chicken wings, baked potatoes, milkshakes and donuts this is a good option for you (and they also offer salads and vegetarian options). The diner is a little bit hidden in a backyard close to the university, but it is easily reachable from the city center.

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Cepelinai, Lithuania

A traditional dish in Lithuania is Cepelinai and it is named like this as it looks like zeppelins. Cepelinai are potato dumplings filled with minced meat or quarg. The dish is also famous in Belorussia and Poland and is typically served with a sauce made of cream, onions and bacon.

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Café Nordpol

Café Nordpol, Kassel

It’s a simple but good coffee bar and restaurant close to the central campus of the university of Kassel, Germany. Located at the Gottschalkstraße just 100 meters afar from the main lecture buildings this place is often crowded with students. They offer seats inside but also have a medium size outdoor terrace where you can sit next to the quiet street.

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