Traditional food

The Hadjidragana Tavern, София

At the city center of София, Bulgaria you’ll find restaurants serving food from all different countries. If you’re looking for traditional Bulgarian dishes the Hadjidragana Tavern is an excellent choice. There they let you choose from all the typical meals and you can enjoy them with a lokal beer and a rakia; inside or on a terrace in the backyard.

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Bratwurst Glöckle

Bratwurst Glöckle, Göttingen

Is it a clever idea to put a charcoal-fired grill into the stairway of your home and to sell grilled sausages from there? Well, in 1920 someone in Göttingen thought so and the fire is still burning! The Bratwurst Glöckle is easy to overlook if you don’t know where you have to search for it. Keep your eyes wide open at the intersection of Kornmarkt and Groner Straße/Lange-Geismar-Straße, not far away from the Gänseliesel fountain.

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Maison Antoine

Maison Antoine, Bruxelles

If it would be only one thing that connects Belgium and Germany, then it would be the love for potatoes. Pommes Frites are kind of a national dish and in Belgium they’re a bit special: fries are always fried two times and served with a wide variety of sauces. You would typically not order them only with ketchup or mayonnaise (like in Germany) but rather with sauce andalouse, brazil, samourai or tartare.

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Agora, Λεμεσός

If you’re looking for a lovely place to end your day at Λεμεσός, often the Saripolou square is recommended. It is a public place surrounded by many good bars and restaurants. In addition, there is the AGORA, a large food market as they’re spreading currently throughout Europe, where you can get food and drinks from different stalls and sit down in the middle.

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Caru’ cu bere

Ceru'cu bere, București

It’s no secret hint: the Caru’ cu bere (beer wagon) is a well-known bar and restaurant located in the city center of București, close to the Stavropoleos monastery. But it’s an icon of the city and exists since 1879 when the founders arrived from Transylvania. The recipe for their house beer (berea casei) was brought from Germany; additionally they’ve got a suitable selection of regional and international beers on the menu.

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