Beach life at the Sea of Galilee

During some times of the year the weather conditions at the Mediterranean sea aren’t well enough for swimming (unimaginable but true). In these times the people go to the Sea of Galilee, 200 meters below sea level in a different climate zone. The main city is Tiberias built up into the mountains. As there is no beach in the city, where can you cool down in the waters?

There are some beaches, most belonging to hotels at the eastern side. But if you drive up from the southern exit of river Jordan, you immediatly see where people relax: along the southern part of the western shore there are plenty of parking spaces lined up along the road and you can enter these areas through different gates. It is looking quite industrial. Don’t expect a sandy beach, but you can dabble here under supervision of a lifeguard, there are good beach facilities and you are even supplied with icecream.

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