Knights of the black pudding

The Feinkostfleischerei Schumann (also known as Ritter der Rotwurst) is one of the things making living in Hann. Münden, Germany great. It is a butcher’s shop with a French bistro and a restaurant in the pedestrian zone close to the old town hall.

France meets Germany at Hann. Münden

The family business is currently run in second generation by Uli Schumann and Dr. Eveline Didion-Schumann and is well-known for their Ahle Wurst, different sausages and meat & chocolate candy. They regularly attend competitions in France and win prices for their products. And you can find them on the Christmas market in Kassel, Germany every year.

Ahle Wurscht as a present

I always love to buy presents for Christmas and birthdays here and to get sausages and steaks for barbecues at the shop. They are kind of my favorite supplier. 😉 Sometimes people on the Internet complain about the service quality at the restaurant and bistro, but as I never tried these two I cannot say something about this.

Special sausages, not only for barbecues

The product quality is always great and one thing is for sure: no barbecue is as good as one with sausages from Schumann’s. Last season they really convinced me with Edamer cheese sausages and really spice chili sausages. In addition they also offer sausages made according to traditional recipes from Silesia (where my grandmother once came from); I really love that.

Feinkostfleischerei Schumann
Ritter der Rotwurst
Lange Straße 29
34346 Hann. Münden

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