Next to the lighthouse

Geosea, Húsavík

After an exhausting day of sightseeing and whale watching there is nothing better then a geothermal spa. Directly next to the lighthouse of Húsavík you can find the Geosea, an outdoor pool with great views on the sea. It has three pool areas with different temperatures and steam room. The little waterfall running from there into the fiord is indeed no real waterfall: it is the overflow of the spa.

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Whale watching

Húsavík, Iceland

Húsavík is the perfect port for whale watching. In this area it is strictly forbidden to hunt these giant animals and tourism helps to protect them. After getting the right introduction into the topic at the whale museum in the harbor area you can get on a boat to see humpback whales and dolphins; but also puffins and large jellyfish. Different operators offer tours on various types of boats. You should play safe and book online in advance.

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Whale museum

Whale museum, Húsavík

Hunting whales is something deeply rooted in the traditions of Nordic islands like Iceland or the Faroes, but it is something that should be overcome as fast as possible. At Húsavík they’ve created a museum explaining everything about whales, how they’re born and raised, how far they’re travelling and how they’ve evolved in evolution. But the museum also covers the sensitive topic of hunting whales.

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