Whale watching

Húsavík is the perfect port for whale watching. In this area it is strictly forbidden to hunt these giant animals and tourism helps to protect them. After getting the right introduction into the topic at the whale museum in the harbor area you can get on a boat to see humpback whales and dolphins; but also puffins and large jellyfish. Different operators offer tours on various types of boats. You should play safe and book online in advance.

I decided to go with North Sailing on a classic boat. The tour is planned to be three hours long and after getting dressed in warm overalls (it is much colder on the water than at the harbor) the ship goes out to search for whales. They say that in 98 % of all tours they find some and that seems to be absolutely true: after 30 minutes of crossing the fiord we followed many different whales and observed them. Sometimes they go for a deep dive and then the captain easily could spot the next one. A fantastic adventure that no one should miss.

North Sailing

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