If you need some relaxation or want to do some sports at Leipzig, Germany, the Sachsen-Therme might be your choice. It is a spa in the city quarter Paunsdorf in the East of the city and therefore a little bit remote. Therefore, it has everything you need: a whirlpool, a flow channel, artificial waves, a sauna, an outdoor pool and a 25-meter sports pool. It feels a little bit like a copy of the Ostsee-Therme (Scharbeutz) and the Westfalen-Therme (Bad Lippspringe) if you’ve seen one of them.

To get to the Sachsen-Therme take bus 72 from Hauptbahnhof (if you manage to find it at the confusing tram/bus stop). I walked past the Wintergartenhochhaus (with the ‘M’ on top) to the stop Hofmeisterstraße where I couldn’t miss the bus. It takes you in 35 minutes to the stop Schongauerstraße which is very close to the spa. The ride is a bit longer as the route doesn’t lead directly there. Buy your bus ticket in the easy.go or Leipzig Mobil smartphone app. It is really simple and you don’t need to buy it with coins on the bus.

Schongauerstraße 19
04329 Leipzig

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