The reason to found the city of Aachen in exactly its current position and to create a Kaiserpfalz there is the existence of hot springs. Water is heated up in the underground and appearing in different places of the city center – the most obvious of one of these is the Kaiserquelle, today mostly named Elisenbrunnen. A hidden one is the Rosenquelle which is hidden today: its waters are 47 degrees Celsius hot at the surface and it is transported from the city centre to a spa, the Carolus-Thermen.

The former public bathhouses were mostly destroyed during World War II but the tradition of hot springs never stopped. The Carolus-Thermen were opened in 2001 as a modern spa and sauna. Design and architecture of the building refer to the old times with a large statue of Charlemagne overseeing the waters and a waterfall with cascades behind. The thermal spa offers different pools indoor and outdoor including a nice flow channel. Relaxation and fun in natural spring water, that‘s what you can expect.

Passstraße 79
52070 Aachen

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