Centre Charlemagne

The history of Aachen is rich: from hot springs to the Romans, from the most important personality Charlemagne to the Karlspreis recipients, from the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle in 1748 to equestrian sports. For sure a city like this has its own city museum and in this case it is named Centre Charlemagne. It was opened in 2014 at the Katschhof between the cathedral and the town hall building.

The museum consists of two sections: in the lower part a very modern exhibition combines historic exhibits with multimedia installations. The upper part is used for temporary exhibitions, in my case one about the witch-hunt in the city. It is a good museum, but you need to take your time to watch the videos containing the relevant content. For guys like me who love to read texts and thereby discover the connections throughout history the past is not so easy to understand with this special museum concept.

Centre Charlemagne
Katschhof 1
52062 Aachen


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