Umbrella factory

Since 1882 the Schirmfabrik Brauer was manufacturing umbrellas at Aachen. Between 1928 and 1984 the factory was located in the Jülicher Straße close to the city center. The factory building was created in New Objectivity style connected to Bauhaus, an amazing architecture including a saw-tooth roof typical for these times. And it is therefore no surprise that since 1987 the building is a protected heritage – but what to do with an historic factory that costs money to be preserved over time?

Well, the name Ludwig is very much present at Aachen: Peter Ludwig was born in 1925 and studied history, philosophy and the arts. In 1951 he married rich and became part of the Monheim family owning chocolate brands like Lindt and Trumpf-Schokolade. Together they collected art and formed the base for the Ludwig-Forum für internationale Kunst which was created in 1971 and now fills the former factory building. It is now a wonderful place to exhibit large contemporary artworks. Some of them are part of every art encyclopedia about modern art, but not all are continuously on display. There are always very interesting changing exhibitions, this time about Katalin Ladik and Ulrike Müller.

Ludwig-Forum für internationale Kunst
Jülicher Str. 97-109
52070 Aachen

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