Johann Joseph Couven was an architect who created many churches, castles and villas in the area of Aachen. He was mainly working in Rococo and Baroque style and Couven was for example responsible for the redesign of the town hall building of Aachen including the market place in front and the Karlsbrunnen fountain. The Couven-Museum is located in building designed by his brother Jakob Couven: the Haus Monheim at the Hühnermarkt in the city center.

The museum dates back to the year 1923 when art historian Flix Kuetgens (director of the municipal museums at that time) decided to exhibit the living culture of the 18th/19th century by showing fully equipped rooms with the furniture of the time. Today you’ll find within the Haus Monheim an ancient pharmacy and different historic rooms, including old furniture, ancient toys, a tile showroom and art deco doors. It is a rather small museum but a good place for time travelling.

Hühnermarkt 17
52062 Aachen

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