Due to the special role of Aachen in history the cathedral treasury is filled with many important items, gold and jewels. It is said to be the most important religious treasury north of the Alps and contains busts of Charlemagne, the golden reliquary that was used to store is hand after canonization, his coffin (the proserpina sarcophagus) and the ferula of Saint Peter. Even if you’re not a religious person it is worth to have a look into this well-secured treasure box.

Together with the cathedral the Domschatz became the first German UNESCO World Heritage in 1978. The 130 artworks tell the 1,200 years old story of the cathedral and give an overview on the development of religious art over time. The Domschatzkammer is a rather small museum but well-made and presenting these masterpieces in the right atmosphere. An interesting tradition you can learn about are the locks used for Marienschrein (shrine of Mary): it is said to contain cloths of Jesus Christ, John the Baptist and Mary.

Since 1349 the Marienschrein is opened every seven years and afterwards it is locked using a specially designed lock. The key is afterwords broken into two pieces and the hole in the lock is sealed with lead. That way the lock has to be destroyed every seven years and is afterwards on display in the treasury. Sometime visitors have to search a little bit longer for the entrance as it is not directly at the cathedral entrance – you can find it at the Johannes-Paul-II.-Straße, opposite to the modern cathedral information center.

52062 Aachen

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