God’s Own Junkyard

It is a place you can only love: a warehouse at the end of the world full of illuminated, crazy neon lights. A strange collection of colorful lights from former bars, night clubs, discos and casinos and in-between all that a lot of cozy seats of a bar serving plain food and drinks. Meanwhile it is surrounded by other pop-up bars and food trucks that turn this industrial zone in a London suburb into a nice party area.

If you don’t need a glamorous London city bar but rather prefer to have a good pint while sitting on a beer bench this is your place to be. In 2011 God’s Own Junkyard became famous by being the location of a photo shooting by the international fashion and lifestyle magazine Vogue. To get to God’s Own Junkyard you need to take the Victoria Line to the final stop Walthamstow Central. From there it is a convenient 15 minutes walk through rural London to the bar.

God’s Own Junkyard
United Kingdom


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