The old city hall: A good starting point

Old city hall of Sarajevo

When coming to Sarajevo, people typically visit the old osman quarter (Baščaršija) first. Fair enough, because it might be the most beautiful part of the town and fascinates with its oriental atmosphere. A good starting point for this visit is the old city hall, built in 1892. You’ll find it close to the Miljacka river where Obala Kulina bana and Brodac streets cross.

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Memorial to the children of Sarajevo

Memorial to the children of Sarajevo

During the siege of Sarajevo especially the children became victims. Not only because they have been betrayed of an unburdened childhood but also, because often children playing in the streets where hit by shells and bullets. As stying inside was no guarantee for surviving, they tried to live a normal live, went to school and played on this unusual playground. The city of Sarajevo has therefore created a memorial in the Veliki park, close to Maršala Tita.

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The siege of Sarajevo

The siege of Sarajevo

When Yugoslavia broke in parts in the beginning of the 1990s, the ethnic conflicts in Bosnia and Herzegovina escalated; the state is a reflection of Yugoslavia in miniature. Three ethnics and three religions exist next to each other: Bosniak muslims, orthodox serbs and catholic croats. While the bosniaks, forming the majority of nationals, wanted to became a separate state, the serbs wanted to be part of Serbia or remain in former Yugoslavia and the croats wanted to cooperate close with Croatia. No surprise.

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Baščaršija, Sarajevo

The old Osman quarter is the oldest and maybe the most beautiful place in Sarajevo. Here you’ll find narrow houses with all kind of shops, good restaurants and even the chance to smoke a waterpipe (Nagileh). The location was created in the middle of the 15th century as a trading spot. During the Osman reign it fastly became the central location for crafts and trading of different goods.

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Museums in Sarajevo

Galerija 11/07/1995, Sarajevo

The museum landscape in Sarajevo is small. Some institutions like the national museum are shut down because of lack of funding and political reasons. Others like the national history museum have not been repaired and you can still see bullet holes on the deteriorating buildings. In others simple things like lightbulbs are missing. But there are still some places worth to see.

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