The old Osman quarter is the oldest and maybe the most beautiful place in Sarajevo. Here you’ll find narrow houses with all kind of shops, good restaurants and even the chance to smoke a waterpipe (Nagileh). The location was created in the middle of the 15th century as a trading spot. During the Osman reign it fastly became the central location for crafts and trading of different goods.

You should start your visit at the old city hall and then simple stroll through the quarter. At first you will see the Sebilj, the landmark of Sarajevo. It is a well on the central marketplace. To try different kinds of sweets you can visit the Sweet Corner at the end of the marketplace towards river Miljacka. And don’t forget to try Turkish tea and Bosnian coffee – a good restaurant is the “Pod lipom“.

Following the main road you cannot avoid to see the beautiful Gazi-Husrev-Beg-mosque with its own yard and well. In fact it is an ensemble of different islamic buildings, including a 47 meter high minaret. It was built in 1531.

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