Avaz Twist Tower

Sarajevo is located in a nice valley between green mountains. To have a glimpse on the landscape you can get on top of the Avaz Twist Tower next to the railway station. It has been built from 2006 to 2009 and looks quite freaky with its twisted glass construction.

From the main road (Zmaja od bosne) close to the historical museum follow the Halida Kajtaza. After passing the American embassy you’ll find the main railway station to the left. 100 meters further on on the right side a small road goes up the mountain, after 50 meters you can see the Avaz Twist Tower on the left.

Simply walk to the elevators and select level 35. After a nice elevator ride you can visit a coffee bar or take the staircase to the terrace (1 KM).

Avaz Twist Tower
Avaz Twist Tower

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