Alter Stadtfriedhof

The Alter Stadtfriedhof is the vast former cemetery of Göttingen, Germany. It was created in 1879 at the border to the village Grone which is now a city quarter. It contains wide alleyways, a nice chapel, a lake and many graves of important persons.

You can find the graves of Max Born, Otto Hahn and Max Planck here – eight Nobel Prize winners are buried on the ground of the Alter Stadtfriedhof. Also David Hilbert, Felix Klein, Hannah Vogt and Friedrich Wöhler found their last home here – next to other important personalities like former mayors of the city.

In 1975 the Alter Stadtfriedhof was closed and is now some kind of park. The Friedhof Junkernberg at Weende is now used as the main cemetery of the city. But from 2005 on the old cemetery was reopened for a limited amount of urn burials.

Alter Stadtfriedhof
Nobellrondel / Friedhofskapelle
Kasseler Landstraße 1
37081 Göttingen

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