Weserstein, Hann. Münden

Hann. Münden, Germany is the place where the two rivers Werra and Fulda combine to a new stream called Weser – which is running through northern Germany to the North sea. In fact there was a linguistic border here and Werra and Weser are the same name in different dialects. The Fulda is therefore only a river floating into the Werra/Weser. But today nobody cares about this. Continue reading “Weserstein”

Unclear name

Railway station, Hann. Münden

Sometimes life turns out to be really surprising. And as one of these surprises I’m moving to a cute small town I’ve visited numerous times in the past. One that I in fact don’t really know the correct name of: locals call it  “Münden” – but as it is also called “Hannoversch Münden” (Münden belonging to Hanover) even the form “Hann. Münden” (and also misspelled “Hann Münden“) is used. Time to clarify this. Continue reading “Unclear name”

Labour Day in Hann. Münden

Labour Day in Hann. Münden

One of my annual traditions is to participate in the Labour Day march and gatherings on May 1st. As a child my father, who was work council member of Deutsche Bahn, took me there and I never missed this festivity since then. Normally I would attend in my home town, Göttingen, but as I disagreed with some decisions of the local DGB regional organisation (Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund, German federation of unions) lately, I chose to relocate for this day.

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