Letzter Heller

The tavern “Letzter Heller” (“Last haler“) is an inn and restaurant close to Hann. Münden, Germany. It is located at the place where the stream “Ilksbach” runs into the river “Werra” – today easily findable because of the hydro-electric power plant in front and the motorway and train bridge above.

It is a tavern with quite old furnishment and a good kitchen. We came here to celebrate a wedding which was really nice because of the wonderful hall. The story of this place goes back to the time when goods were brought along Werra and Weser from Bavaria up north to Bremen. Robber-knights used this area to steal some of these goods and afterwards enjoy a beer in the tavern at the end of the Ilks valley.

The legend says that one of them, Helmo, lost all of his money while gambling and then used his last haler and his castle for a last round. When he lost even this round and left the inn in anger the devil appeared and offered him money. In return he should only never permit a priest to enter his castle.

Unfortunately his wife had called for a priest by the same time (for the baptism of her son). It is said that by the next time Helmo was riding to a robbery he got lost and was taken by the devil. The tavern was later named “Last haler” after this myth. And even if you’re not a knight you can stop by here for a drink or a good meal.

Gasthaus “Letzter Heller”
Letzter Heller 7
34346 Hann. Münden


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