When leaving the motorway A7 and passing on the Bundesstraße 3 from Hedemünden to Hann. Münden, Germany we observed a small hut in the forest high above the valley of river Werra which must give good views. For a long time we wondered how to get there.

Then I learned that this region is called the Kramberg and that the hut is called the Kramberg-Schutzhütte. The easiest way to this place might be from Wiershausen, but it is also located at the hiking path Werra-Burg-Steig which is marked as X5H which is really helpful – even though the path isn’t in the best condition.

The last section of the X5H leads from Schloß Berlepsch to Lippoldshausen, through the valley of river Ilksbach to the hydroelectric power station at the river Werra and then up to the Kramberg-Schutzhütte. We made it in the reverse direction: at the city quarter Hermannshagen of Hann. Münden you can start at the end of the street Bebelstraße.

A small path leads you from there between residential homes and the forest up the hill to the intersection with the street Am Kramberg. You can also start there if you want to skip the section which goes steady up the hill. From there you’ll have to walk straight into the forest and follow the path with only a minimum inclination (after climbing the first hill).

You’ll see a nice forest, a small round valley which must have once served as a quarry and then you will find the Kramberg-Schutzhütte. It was funded by the former mayor Dr. Rudolf Haarmann (1883-1962, mayor of Hann. Münden 1917-1933) in 1959 and is in a rather good condition. Did you known that he also funded the paintings in the lower hall of the old town hall of Hann. Münden showing the history of the city?

From the Kramberg-Schutzhütte can look down into the valley of river Werra, see the hydroelectric power station from 1923, the motorway bridge from 1952 and the railway bridge from 1989. Trains enter the railway tunnel Mündener Tunnel on the right and you can see the restaurants and hotels Letzter Heller (to the left) and the Flux Biohotel behind the bridges.

34346 Hann. Münden

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