Opium poppies

With an allowance of the Bundesopiumstelle a farmer at MeißnerGermerode, Germany has created multiple fields of beautiful opium poppies (containing only a low amount of the drug). You can walk on mulched paths through the poppy fields, learn more about growing poppies and you’ll find numerous photo opportunities.

This includes a photo frame, a bed within a corn field and an ancient door leading to the poppies. The whole village is decorated with poppies and there are many additional exhibitions. In the center of the fields you can find the Mohntenne, a barn where you can get sweet and hearty meals.

There a many parking lots and you will be guided by signs to their positions. If you want you can go by carriage through the fields. The best time to get here is somewhere between mid and end of June – on their website you can always find out when the fields are in full blossom. You can easily combine your visit with a detour to the Bergwildpark Meißner.

Meißner Mohnblüte in Germerode
Neuer Weg 10
37290 Meißner-Germerode


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