Feeding wild animals

It is known as the Bergwildpark Meißner and as the Wildpark Germerode but don’t be confused: it is only one place. At Germerode, Meißner, Germany you will find a park with wild animals that wait for you getting inside and feeding them. Getting in touch with goats, stags and deer is real fun for children (and yes, for adults as well).

The area of the Wildpark is wide and you can have a nice walk while observing the deer, alpacas, wild boars and pigs. Here it was the first time of my life that I saw a raccoon in action: carrying nuts to the water and washing them (that’s why we call them ‘Waschbären‘ in German).

Outside you’ll find a very big playground in addition. A restaurant and a snack bar serve the right dishes for such a family venue and you can sit outside and relax in the sun. Unfortunately the children’s railway and the museum are currently closed but this place definitely has potential for more.

Bergwildpark Meißner / Wildpark Germerode
Wildpark 1
37290 Meißner-Germerode


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