Neuer jüdischer Friedhof

The current Jewish cemetery of Hann. Münden, Germany is located at the city quarter Gimte next to the mountain Questenberg. You have to follow the street Heidewinkel, pass under the old railway track and behind that you can park your car and walk 200 meters up the hill to find it.

It is located very remote at a location formerly called “Am Saulager” and it shows how badly the Jewish community was treated in 1928 when it was created – as the cemetery is still extremely remote even today. As they old cemetery at the Vogelsangweg was full this new place (990 square meters large) was opened in 1932.

Until the Jewish community was finally destroyed by German fascism in 1942 only seven graves were created there. In 1979 and 1980 the cemetery was defiled multiple times and repaired under the lead of the Stadtjugendring. It is surrounded by a stone wall and an iron gate with two Stars of David protects it. It is locked and you can’t enter the grounds.

Neuer jüdischer Friedhof
Heidewinkel / Gemarkung “Am Saulager”
34346 Hann. Münden

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