Soccer abroad

If you’re a real soccer aficionado you’ll have to watch the games also while on the road. Unless you fell in love with the really big clubs in the world this is sometimes pretty hard. As a fan of the SV Werder Bremen I’ll sometimes have to search a little bit more until I find a bar the shows Bundesliga and the matches of my club. But it is always worth the the effort.

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Bus from Albania to Montenegro

Bus transfer Albania-Montenegro

I did not use long distance busses very often in the past. Within western Europe you would simply take a train. Only once I went by bus to Zagreb, Croatia because it was cheap and I wanted to try it. If you’re on the balkans the situation changes totally and as there are only a small number of railway tracks the long distance busses become means of transport #1. And I must admit I also enjoyed it.

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Tirana, Albania

If you’re coming to Albania you can’t overlook the massive amount of bunkers built by the communist regime between 1972 and 1984. Even in Tirana these mushroom-shaped bunkers can be seen everywhere in parks. Special companies led by the communist party organised their creation and throughout the country there were once 168.000 of them – that’s one bunker for every eleven inhabitants.

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Letter from QWERTZ-Buchstabenladen, Hannover

All around us in cities there are illuminated letters: company names, advertisements, signs. But where do they go when they’re not needed anymore? Some of them have a second life, get refurbished and decorate the homes of people. A nice place where you can buy your initials in different shapes, colours and sizes – from 20 centimeters to two meters – is the QWERTZ-Buchstabenladen in Hannover, Germany.

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Halitplatz, Kassel

If you’re visiting the north of Kassel, Germany along the Holländische Straße you might wonder about a strangely named place: the Halitplatz. It is a public space with a small memorial in front of a flower shop and it is named after Halit Yozgat, a former inhabitant of the city and owner of an Internet shop.

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Barracks, Mulang, Kassel

When you walk from the Löwenburg castle at Kassel, Germany down the road back to civilization you might wonder about two barracks standing near Anthonistraße and Panoramaweg. These are the last remaining buildings of an outpost of the concentration camp Buchenwald near Weimar, Germany. The one with the words ‘Jedem das Seine‘ at the gate. About 288 people were brought from Weimar to Kassel between 1943 and 1945 – many of them political prisoners.

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