Alter jüdischer Friedhof

The traces of Jewish life at Hann. Münden, Germany are quite hidden. That is because of the fact that since the Nazi times there is no active community in the city, it has been fully destroyed by fascism. You can find a memorial near the old town hall and two cemeteries.

The old one is located at the Vogelsangweg and if you don’t know that it is there you won’t find it. Behind a wooden fence you can see a small field in front of a factory. No gravestones are left – only a simple memorial made of concrete can be seen in the inaccessible area which is owned by the Jewish community of Lower Saxony.

The cemetery was once more than 1.100 square meters large and burials happened here from 1673 to 1932. More space was needed and therefore a new cemetery was created in the city quarter Gimte in 1928. in 1938 the old cemetery was defiled, the grounds given to the nearby factory and the gravestones brought to a mason to be reused.

Alter jüdischer Friedhof
34346 Hann. Münden

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