Battle of the Knights

Schloß Berlepsch is a castle in the no man’s land surrounding Witzenhausen, Germany (close to Göttingen and Hann. Münden). Situated within the hills along the river Werra it can be seen from near and far. It has been built from 1369 on and has been invaded by several armies crossing the country during the centuries. Today it is a well preserved castle still owned by the family that once built it.

After World War II this place has been used as a hotel and restaurant, from 2011 on there have been guided tours and events focussing the medieval times. One of these is the annual tournament of knights that is accompanied by a market and different activities like bow hunting.

Lots of families populate the area on these days having fun in this special vicinity. In addition there is nowadays a treehouse hotel giving you the opportunity to sleep in the woods.

Berlepsch 1
37218 Witzenhausen

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  1. A short reminder for myself: the team of Schloss Berlepsch seems to be able to organize big events but the service during the daily business is often a problem. I had so many bad moments (forgotten reservations, meals served much too late, unannounced limitations on how many different meals a group can order, no heating during winter times) that I don’t want to eat there anymore.

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