Grüner See

Grüner See, Witzenhausen

Close to the village of Hundelshausen belonging to Witzenhausen, Germany a company gathers gypsum. Already in 1940 they gave up an area and the open pit, surrounded by high rocks, filled with ground water and rain. Today it is a lake with 5000 cubic meters of water that you can use for swimming. There are also platforms on the water, a separated non-swimmer area and a wooden base.

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Battle of the Knights

Schloß Berlepsch, Witzenhausen

Schloß Berlepsch is a castle in the no man’s land surrounding Witzenhausen, Germany (close to Göttingen and Hann. Münden). Situated within the hills along the river Werra it can be seen from near and far. It has been built from 1369 on and has been invaded by several armies crossing the country during the centuries. Today it is a well preserved castle still owned by the family that once built it.

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