Schinkels Brauhaus

It is a brewery, but a special one. At Schinkels Brauhaus at Witzenhausen, Germany they produce beer from ecologically produced ingredients only. You can taste it there and the restaurant doesn’t serve the traditional high-caloric, unhealthy brewery-food normally served at these places.

Schinkels Brauhaus uses a lot of locally produced components from farms of the region. The fish, meat and many more things are from ecological production and carry the ‘bio’ label. But you also get vegan food and salads at this place. The brewery also includes a beer garden where you can sit in the sun. Attached to it you’ll find a hotel and a tourist information for the region.

The brewery is located close to the Diebesturm (thief tower) in the city center of Witzenhausen. There are parking lots directly next to the tower where you can park for free on weekends and it is only a short walk from there to Schinkels Brauhaus.

Schinkels Brauhaus
Burgstraße 20
37213 Witzenhausen

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