Königsalm, Nieste

It could be the Bavarian embassy in Hesse: the Königsalm at Nieste, Germany. Green meadows, good views onto the little town, two large alpine cabins with a large outdoor area. It is a place many hikers, bikers and cyclists get to. The friendly team serves Schweinsbraten, Grillhaxen, Leberkäse, Obatzter and Weißwürstchen to give you the feeling of being at Bavaria – but afterwards you need to do some sports to burn calories.

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Rondell, Kassel

Maybe the Rondell is today the best beergarden at Kassel, Germany. You can sit on an ancient turret with thick stone walls and sip your drink while having good views on river Fulda. The former tower dates back to the year 1523 and is a rest of a castle standing at this place from 1466 on.

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Hafen 2

Hafen 2, Offenbach

Well, Offenbach isn’t the most beautiful place in the world. But if you need a beer or a coffee close to the river Main, have the children entertained by a big sandbox and a playground with a ship, the Hafen 2 might be right. The place offers a café, a bar, an outdoor cinema and a concert stage.

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Waterloo-Biergarten, Hannover

The ‘Waterloo’ is a beergarden quite close to the city center of Hannover, Germany – next to the river Leine, the market hall and the parliament of Lower Saxony. There are three reasons why you might visit this place: (1) You are in need of fresh air and a good beer, (2) you want to watch soccer games of the Bundesliga on screen, or (3) you are on your way to the Niedersachsenstadion for watching live soccer and have a break. To get there you can take the tramway to the station also called Waterloo.

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