The Nordstadtpark is one of the smaller green areas at Kassel, Germany – but it is well-known and highly frequented because of its location next to the university and the university hospital. It offers a playground, a large meadow to relax and terraces to sit on next to river Ahne. The location also determines the atmosphere here: the visitors are younger and more international than in other parts of the city.

Within the Nordstadtpark the free music festival ‘Mind the gap‘ has been held several times and during documenta 14 (2017) the artwork ‘The Living Pyramid‘ by Agnes Denes was presented here. Around the Nordstadtpark you can find many cultural institutions like the Kulturzentrum Schlachthof, the bar Mutter or the club ‘Kleiner Onkel‘. But there are also some nice bars, coffee bars and restaurants like the Café Hurricane or the Café Nordpol.

34127 Kassel

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