Café Hurricane

If you’re coming to the Nordstadt auf Kassel, Germany you should plan a stop at the Café Hurricane north of the university and close to the Nordstadtpark. They’ve got seats in a winter garden and outside next to the street where you can watch the hustle and bustle. As I learned the Café Hurricane is well-known for two things: breakfast and börek.

Breakfast is not served as a buffet but you’ve got a very wide range of possible breakfast options on the menu. And the börek (a pastry made of thin yufka dough filled with different things; from Turkey but also beloved on the balkans) is kind of frightening as it is not only large but looks really giant when it comes from the oven and is still inflated with air. It’s delicious but they also have pizza, baguette and other international classics on the menu.

Café Hurricane
Gottschalkstraße 38
34127 Kassel

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