Vellmar is a municipality north of Kassel, Germany. It was formed in 1967 by combining Obervellmar, Niedervellmar and Frommershausen. When Vellmar received the city rights in 1975 it was decided that there should be a centrally placed recreation zone and the result is the Ahnepark opened in 1986. It is a beautiful park next to river Ahne with artificial lakes, a restaurant next to the water, a playground, sports areas, a miniature railway and much more to explore.

The miniature railway has been built by volunteers and operates only on specific dates. If you want to take the ride check the calendar online (http://www.dbcvellmar.de). Throughout the park, you will find many flowers, cherry trees, animals and artworks. It is a wonderful combination and can be used for many different things. If you want to get back to Kassel you can follow the river Ahne which flows through the Nordstadtpark and the university area to the river Fulda. On the other hand, walking along the river is especially nice in the upper part – the Ahnegraben. If you’re in for a long hike you can follow the river from source to river mouth.

Holländische Str. 28
34246 Vellmar