It is not only a bar, it is a legend: the Mutter (mother) at Kassel, Germany. The bar is located close to the university in the city quarter Nord-Holland and it looks like it has never been renovated. This maximum shabby chic lets you know that you can be whoever you are or whatever you are here without feeling strange. And it ensures that no in-crowd people will distract you from relaxing.

The Mutter attracts a wild mix of people and according to the writings and labels at the wall rather an alternative and left-wing audience. In the front they have a bar with some seats and in the back you can find sofas and space for a DJ. The bar is closed on Sunday and Monday – on the other days it opens pretty later: 9pm Tuesday to Thursday, 10pm on Friday and Saturday.

Bunsenstraße 15
34127 Kassel

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