The Edersee

The second largest water reservoir in Germany with a water surface of 11.8 squarekilometers can be found in the federal state of Hesse. The river Eder is stopped by a 48 meters high dam built between 1908 and 1914. It is used to supply the Mittellandkanal with water to assure that ships can transport goods from the Ruhrgebiet to Berlin, Germany. The area around the Edersee belongs to the natural reserve Kellerwald-Edersee which offers different opportunities to have a nice time.

There are camping lots and you can take a boat tour on the lake. There is also the TreeTopWalk, a metal path through the top of the trees, a high-rope course and a small zoo with local animals. And of course you can visit the dam located in the village Hemfurth belonging to Edertal, Germany. There you’ll also find some small restaurants and the AquaPark – a nice water playground. It is obviously a good place for family vacations!

Edertal, Germany

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