Schloß Waldeck

When you’re visiting the Edersee lake in northern Hesse you can most often see a castle up on hill: Schloß Waldeck at Waldeck, Germany. Of course you’ve got brilliant views on the artificial lake from there. The castle was first mentioned in the year 1120 CE and served as a fortress, as barracks and as a jail over time. Since 1920 it is a state asset and can be visited.

Today the castle contains a hotel with a high-class restaurant, a shop and an eatery serving currywurst, fries and coffee as well as a small souvenir shop. The castle and the viewing terrace can be accessed free of charge. You can also take a guided tour to 120 meters deep well digged by prisoners and visit a museum about the times when the castle was a prison.

If you’re arriving by car you can park at a long-stretched carpark next to and underneath the castle. You’ll need to get a parking ticket at a vending machine. If you’re arriving by bike or on foot from the Edersee: there is a funicular that can take you up for a small fee, the Waldecker Bergbahn.

Schloß Waldeck
Schloßstraße 1
34513 Waldeck

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