Ederseebahn, Korbach

I always enjoy riding my bike on old converted railway tracks: the inclination is limited, the infrastructure is often good, many tunnels and bridges are found on the way and you can typically discover remains of past railway times. One of these converted tracks can be found close to the Edersee in Northern Hesse: Between 1884 and 1917 a railway track was opened linking Wabern (Hesse) and Brilon-Wald (North Rhine-Westphalia). While the routes from Wabern to Bad Wildungen and from Korbach to Brilon-Wald are still in operation and served every two hours, the middle section from Korbach to Wega is out of service.

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Schloß Waldeck

Schloß, Waldeck

When you’re visiting the Edersee lake in northern Hesse you can most often see a castle up on hill: Schloß Waldeck at Waldeck, Germany. Of course you’ve got brilliant views on the artificial lake from there. The castle was first mentioned in the year 1120 CE and served as a fortress, as barracks and as a jail over time. Since 1920 it is a state asset and can be visited.

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