The AquaPark in the small village Hemfurth belonging to Edertal, Germany is a water playground next to the dam of the Edersee water reservoir. If you arrive at the village you’ll have to park your car in a large car park outside the village (for a small fee) and walk five minutes to the dam. There a fountain creates a small artificial river that cools down dogs and the feet of children.

Shaped like the Edersee water reservoir

It leads along different small restaurants to the water playground – formed in the shape of the Edersee and consisting of several pools with different depths. There are many items to play with, bridges to cross the water and in one of the sections you’ll definitely find a nice place. The playground is surrounded by hedges and there are many trees – families gather there to have a picnic and let the children play.

Better bring shoes for the water with you

Due to the shape like a lake the velocity of the water is too low. Therefore the water quality isn’t that good, the pools are a bit greasy and slithery. There are a lot of small stones within; walking through the water is a bit cumbersome. Therefore you shouldn’t only bring a towel and an additional stack of cloth – but also some shoes that can be worn in the water. Then it is definitely a nice place to play!

Aquapark Edersee
Zur Sperrmauer
34549 Edertal

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